Control Panel Wiki

myVortexServers Networks is proudly to announce we are launching our first project called "Control Panel Wiki" where customers can find one stop website with all related information about control panels, their features, costs and what it will benefit for your business.

The new wiki will be open to the public and we will be looking for volunteers who want to help write contents to the wiki. Our goal is to have a community website where we can help others. 

But, we are missing one thing, a logo. We now offer logo contest and it's open to anyone. The logo must be related to control panel and a possible logo of wiki. Be creative. The lucky winner's logo will be featured on our the site. To get started, more information can be found below of this page. We will be starting to open volunteers where you can write contents about control panels. Stay tuned for this updates.


Our goal: Beta launch in Spring 2021, official launch Summer 2021.

The new Control Panel Wiki features:

1) Detailed information about the panel

2) Screenshots of panel

3) Link directly to the live demo

4) Pricing information

and many more


Join our contest logo, click the link below:

(Note: You must have a vaild Google Gmail account to prevent spam or fraud)


Contest Logo Signup Form

The up to date Control Panel out there that you can check, try or purchase/free and they are: